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Great for the family, Xshore clean fragrance-free clear provides great benefits in 1 bottle that’s great for your everyday life. It fight stains and retains fabric color. Hypoallergenic and safe for people with sensitive skin. No irritating residues. Keeps your clothing looking great. It can be used with all types of loading washing machines, as well as in both standard and high-efficiency washers while being easy on your pockets.


 How to Use:

Pour 2 caps into the water for medium loads. For larger loads pour 4 caps. WASH: USE dispenser for HE washers. For standards washers, start the machine, add detergent then clothes. Bottle contains 68 loads.

 (Low foam)

How To Apply

Pre-treating: rub a small amount directly onto the stain before washing. 


Size of bottle:

3L (101.442 FL OZ)

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