Xshore Clean laundry detergent, the ideal household partner for every woman and every man. We promise it will deliver when you most need it to along your side in generous quantities and, smell so good that it’ll make your day! We created this product with three clear things in mind - quality, affordability and perfectionism.

 Quality: because no one should ever settle for less than what they deserve. Our detergent is concentrated and works as a 3 in 1 cocktail fight stains, color protected and fresh scent. 

Affordability: because money cannot buy everything. Xshore Clean has perfected a recipe that gives you the best bang for your buck, plus, it’s designed in the US, with US and imported ingredients.

Perfectionism: because this is the mindset we share and are proud of. We believe women and men pay enormous attention to detail and are hard-working but first need support and guidance.

This product pays respect to my mother that has been a guiding light when it came to house cleaning, discipline and being a leader. She would dedicate Saturdays to house cleaning and would wake us up with a quote that is very dear to me: Wake up, it’s wash time! Having a childhood spent between enjoying farm work and doing household chores, she later saw cleaning as a great reward, as well as a life philosophy.

We wish Xshore Clean to become a trusted partner that will reinforce the value of hard work, cleanliness and perfectionism in your life. So wake up, it’s your time to shine!

Yours truly ,